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Our Process

Pre-Design Meeting

The pre-design meeting starts with documenting the existing conditions of your home. We’ll measure and photograph the ins and outs of your proposed project to ensure complete accuracy.

We’ll also introduce you to our many resources and walk you through our process.  


At this first meeting, we’ll discuss construction planning, budgeting and project timing.  If you have a vision and a wish list, if you have questions, we’ll be able to address them here.


Design Phase 1

During the first design phase, we’ll create 3d conceptual drawings of the proposed project and begin material selections. We’ll also review structural elements and check for any restrictions with the city.


We will then present you with a 3d rendering/Walkthrough of the project, floor/elevation plans, and go over any revisions requested. From here, we can start to define budgeting scenarios, timeframes, and project specifications.

Design Phase 2

This next phase dives into the final details of your project. With your feedback in hand from the review of the design options outlined in phase 1, we develop the plan that best suits your family, home and lifestyle to your unique specifications.


Throughout this phase, you’ll be provided with all of the information you need to make well-informed decisions on anything and everything associated with the project.  We will work closely with all our vendors and suppliers and start to lock down on project details.    


Once all the product selections and plans are finalized, we’ll record every detail in a written Construction Agreement and Specifications document specifying your unique design finishes, material selection, and construction requirements to accompany and supplement the drawings.

We will also finalize all project scheduling and permitting.  



We’re now ready to build!  


Our Project Manager is in charge of ordering and receiving materials, managing the team of craftsmen and trade experts, coordinating building department inspections, and ensuring overall project quality. If you would ever like to discuss upcoming tasks or ask a question, your Project Manager is there to help. When the project is nearing completion, we’ll schedule a final project review to go over the plan for completing any outstanding details.


Open communication is guaranteed from when you welcome us into your home until the last goodbye. We’ll treat your home with the utmost care and respect, completing the project on time and within the agreed budget.

**All of our work adheres to a 2-year craftsmanship warranty (Details will be in your contract)

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